Welcome to MadRunners

MadRunners are a running and fitness club based in St Helens. Founded in 2016 by husband and wife team Mark and Debbie we deliver sessions, training and support for runners of all abilities whether you are a complete beginner starting your running journey or an experienced runner looking to improve your marathon PB. Sessions take place in St Helens, Merseyside and surrounding areas.

We have run training for Minis aged 6-12, Teens aged 13-17 and Adults aged 17+. We also have Family Fit and Multiskill sessions.

Local runners can affiliate to England Athletics in addition to our Run Together membership after our recent Club Affiliation in June 2021!

MadRunners Virtual Run Events was launched during the global pandemic so that we can offer online training, ongoing support and virtual events for runners all around the country. If you would like to join an online training session, arrange on online meeting with our experienced running coach Mark or start your collection of exclusive medals and pin badges, take a look at our Virtual MadRunners section!